Saint Bartholomew’s Church has several interesting features: Take a look.

The Faunt (or Fawnt) Tomb

Against the North wall of the North aisle is a large monument upon which lie two recumbent figures of a gentleman and lady, chiselled out of red stone and painted. It commemorates Henry Faunt (son of Anthony Faunt) and his wife. Henry died in 1665. Pevsner described it as “bad, but engaging”.

  • The Faunt tomb decorated for the Christmas Tree Festival
  • The Faunt tomb
  • Close-up of two figures on the Faunt tomb
  • Close-up of the inscription on the Faunt tomb
  • Close-up of the coat of arms on the Faunt tomb
  • Close-up of a figure on the Faunt tomb
  • Close-up of two figures on the Faunt tomb

The inscription reads: “1665 Here lieth ye body of Henry Fawnt Esq’re 2 sonne of Anthony Fawnt of Foston & Elizabeth his wife, Daughter of Sir Andrew Noel of Dawlby in Com Leic. K’nt who died ye 3 of May 1665. in ye 84 yeare of his age. He married 1 Margaret Daughter of William Underne, Gent, who died without issue. 2 Barbara, Daughter of Thomas Love, Gent, who died in the 65 yeare of her age 1645 by whom he had 5 sonnes & 6 Daughters Henry, William, Anthony, & Jane died all young. Ye rest were Married as followes, Walter to Mabell Daughter of Francis Morgan of Kingsthorpe in Com Nor Esq’re George to Dorothy Daughter of Edward Hansbury of Kelmarsh in Com Nor Esq’re Elizabeth to George 2 sonne of Sir Richard Halford, of Wistow Bar’net Mabell to Henry 3 sonne of Sir William Sutton of Aramm Com Nott, K’nt Margaret to Edward Woodcocke of Keyham Gent, Mary at whose charge this Monument was erected to Edward Wigley of Scraptoft, Gent, who had issue by her, Henry & Mary both deceased & Barbara to Richard Bradgate of Peatling Parva, Esq’re by whom she had issue 1 sonne & 1 Daughter Henry & Mary, Mary erected this Monument – Jane died an infant, Barbara Married Richard Bradgate of Peatling Parva in ye Com Leic. Esq’re”

The East Window

The East Window has the following inscription:

“To the glory of God and in memory of Isabella Staunton of Staunton Potts this window is placed by the Rev. C Wing Rector and his wife – Easter 1896”

Charles Wing was the Rector of Foston 1868 – 1900.

East Window

Photo Sphere

You can drag the image around to see a 360° view from this point in the churchyard. We hope to have more Photo Spheres of the inside of the church in the next few months.

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