Rev. William James’ bookcase

Close up of bookcase inscribed "Foston 1955"

One of the most popular parts of this website is the database of graves in the churchyard. It changes very little: in fact, several of the graves have been unchanged for centuries.

Occasionally, however, a change is made to an existing grave. Typically this will be to have a family member’s name added to it.

One such recent change was to grave 4: a family member got in touch to say that he was arranging for the inscription to be changed. Over the course of a few emails, he revealed his family’s relationship with Rev William James, who was Rector of Foston c.1948-1955.

It is in a very prominent position outside the main door. As my family were very close friends with Rev James the Rector when my grandfather died, that might be the reason for the position.

He later added:

On his retirement the Rev James purchased 9 Winchester Road in Countesthorpe but ill health soon made him and his wife move to a retirement home in Huntingdon. The Rev James died shortly after his wife and left 9 Winchester Road to my grandmother who is buried in grave number 4. That is how I came to have the bookcase.

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