Grave 74 Stocks

Grave 74

Frederic Christopher Stocks Scholar of Winchester & of Worcester College Oxford. Sometime rector of this parish. Born June 13th 1880. Died June 2nd 1957.

We received a very interesting comment about the late Reverend, saying:

There is a previously unknown, publicly available photo of F.C. Stocks in this location:

HB Hartley, Molly, Maggie,  Barbara, Dorothy, FC Stocks, HJ Hale, Gertrude, CG Dawkins, ??, J.O'Regan and ??,

He is seen (admittedly not well as the photo is reduced in size to prevent piracy) 6th from the left, reading a book. The rest of the group are all connected with Balliol College, Oxford, being largely family members and friends of the then-Fellow of Balliol, Arthur Lionel Smith (who become Master in 1916).

The photo dates to 1903. It was almost certainly taken while on holiday at or near Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland.

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