Grave inside 1 Boothby

Grave inside 1To the Memory of Charles Skrymsher Boothby Esqr. fecond Son of Thomas Boothby in Tooley Park in Leicestershire Esqr.
He died December the 6th 1774 : Aged 69 Years

The early Part of his Life was dedicated to the Service of his Country and spent in a diligent and honorable Attention to his Duty as an Officer both at Home and Abroad.

Nor was the Retirement of his Latter Years without Proofs of his Attachment to it’s Welfare in general, or his Usefulness to his Neighbours in particular, affording an Uniform example of an upright Magistrate, an affectionate Husband, an Hospitable Friend a punctual Paymaster and a benificent Patron.

This short but just Character is inscribed to the Memory of her dear Husband by his truly Affectionate Widow Ann Boothby

Here also are deposited the Remains of said Ann Boothby his Widow, Daughter of Wingfield Boswell Cl. A. M. late Rector of Normanton and Tickencote in the County of Rutland. – After a life of singular Piety, she died Novr 16th 1785: Aged 65

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