The new site preview is now open

Welcome! Our new website is now open for previews. We’re still building it, so some bits are missing, but please feel free to have a look around.

This is the biggest change to the site since it first went online in 1999. Previously, the site was built using a mixture of static HTML, JavaScript, CSS and various plugins: The new site is built using WordPress.

This should give us the following advantages:

  • The site will work better on the range of different devices that you use to visit it now (not just desktop PCs, but tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and anything else that’s coming down the pipeline).
  • It will be easier to update the site more quickly, making it more relevant and interesting.
  • We’ll also be able to add new features to the site more quickly and easily.

Please take a look around and let us know what you think.

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