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  1. Anne Emery says:

    Your sign for the Christmas Tree Festival

    The dates for the above have come off the notice on the grass verge near Kilby turn you might like to put it back as a lot of people will miss the event.

    Anne Emery Kilby

  2. Wendy Else says:

    I would like to know please if St Bartholomew’s Church is open to the public, other than at services. Perhaps it is possible to collect a key to see inside?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your mail. I’ve sent you an mail with the Churchwarden’s contact details: you may be able to arrange a visit with her.

  3. Mary bancroft says:

    Can you tell us what time the flower festival starts , y

  4. Just want to say thank you to the warden and the officials for being very helpful as I photographed the wedding of Louise & Andrew on July 29th. Your church is wonderful and the ceremony was one of the most engaging and memorable I have ever witnessed.

    Anthony Benjamin

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