Friends of Foston Church membership: 1 year


One year’s membership of the Friends of Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Foston.

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Your year’s membership of the Friends of Foston Church allows us to keep the church preserved for current and future generations.

We’ll use it to help with work such as:

  • Maintaining the building structure, such as repointing the tower, replacing slates on the roof and repairing the tiled floor.
  • Installing new heating, lighting and other electrical systems, as well as repairing existing electrics.
  • Painting, decorating and plastering the inside of the church.
  • Maintaining the trees in the churchyard.
  • Buying new furniture and equipment, such as the organ and chairs.
  • Keeping up-to-date architectural surveys to ensure that we have an accurate picture of the state of the church.



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